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Meet Alice:

I grew up in a happy home in The Netherlands, surrounded by our local pine woods, typical Dutch “flat” landscapes, natural springs and vast meadows. From an early age I developed a fine eye for detail and a keen interest in mother nature. Many childhood weekends were spend at my Grandmother’s (oma’s) beach house in Scheveningen, where she taught me to saw, cook and create decorative wooden frameworks housing my treasures which I used to find during my scavenger walks combing the beach at low tide early in the morning. Scheveningen was my true North. I felt at home, was a true beach girl at heart.

As a family we enjoyed working in our garden/using the land -growing our own flowers/vegetables and had many foraging adventures in the woods. Coming home with baskets full of berries, herbs and eatable mushrooms in the Autumn season. It was a creative home always in touch with Nature.

In The Netherlands we have an expression: “Dat is er met de paplepel ingegoten” –meaning; “it was given to us via the porridge spoon”

Fast forward, my life has gone full circle. Now living in the UK, with our own family of 4 amazing children, keeping busy doing up an other rambling project which is our “Sassoon house” in Hertfordshire since 1999.

When I founded AiOS in the UK it started as a small “flower school” concentrating on organising Seasonal workshops and courses from our studio based in our home. Aiming to inspire the ladies who enjoyed creating something special for their homes in a beautiful ambience. Always listerning, nurturing and sharing stories with each other. To grow, to support.this is how our “flower therapy” was born…