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Share beauty, connection and stories through floral design and natural materials, where Dutch floral design and the organic wilds of nature combine; all in one season. 

An Alice in One Season creation, whether enchanting installation, elegant bride’s bouquet or artistic editorial display incorporates Dutch floral style and sculpture with her own distinctive style, and is always inspired by nature.  

Alice Calcasola - 2016-09-21-Dutch-House-145.jpg

Alice van der List is an renowned Dutch floral designer who has pioneered an organic nature inspired style that has permeated the UK floral design market. As well as an expending private client list, Alice also designs, curates and creates installations for commercial design projects including hotels, restaurants, retail, exhibition and office spaces.

Alice has well established connections in the Dutch Market and encourages learning and development: sharing her knowledge in the All in One Season design School which she founded in 2002, offering her almost 20 years experience via “flower therapy workshops, editorial shoots, retreats and supports an international internship programme for young designers as an accredited Dutch floral design company.