"Stay close to the things you love"

Teaching has been my passion for the last 25 years being a designer, pioneering on new grounds with an organic and nature inspired style bringing something quintessentially Dutch to the UK table.

There is something about gathering a group of lovely creative clients, in a beautiful ambience, giving them a sense of homecoming.

Free rein on choice of design, supplying them with an abundance of the most sought-after natural materials, greenery and exquisite florals to create with.

Add our famous hot chocolates, frothy coffees,

homemade "appeltaart" and

a bit of magic Dutch touch =

an "All in One Season workshop experience".


Flower therapy

"Mijn geheim" - "My secret"

Nurture, nourish, listen and create a safe ambience to share stories is key to our Floral therapy philosophy. Magic happens when you bring equal minded people who can express via creativity together.

In this space of connectivity anything is possible.

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Attention to detail

"Through simplicity comes great beauty" is our motto when  sourcing for our corporate projects, workshops or our interior design clients.

Our suppliers are based in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Each of our materials sourced are handpicked by our Team, packaged carefully and send across the channel via our designated transport companies.

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"When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you and a deep joy" ~Rumi